Consumers Welcome Back The Classic Eclair

Klein’s Éclair!

Ah, just thinking about it brings back such delicious childhood memories!
The smooth and creamy Éclair with the perfect taste and texture was the perfect companion on a hot summer day…
Well, the good news is that you don’t have to rely on memories of times gone by anymore, as the yumminess is back in stock!
The same Klein’s Éclair that you have been dreaming of, precisely as you remember it, is back to wow your taste buds again. It’s the exact classic recipe that you know and love – after all, there is no need to tinker or improve on perfection!
The Éclair was first introduced decades ago when Klein’s was first carving a name for itself in the kosher market. In fact, the Éclair was the first frozen treat created by Klein’s after the initial line of single-flavor bars hit the market. Fast forward a few decades, and Klein’s still remains the undisputed leader of the kosher ice cream industry.
And, although many new and exciting products continue to be churned out by the geniuses in the Klein’s engineering department, the classics – like the Éclair – continue to enjoy never-ending popularity amongst old and young alike.
What is the secret to the Éclair’s success? Perhaps it’s the perfect blend of vanilla, chocolate and crunchy crumbs?
Perhaps it’s the nostalgia that the taste and aroma of the Éclair elicits?
Perhaps there is just no way to know, but the fact remains that the Éclair was – and continues to be – a classic part of a perfect , cool summer!
Head on over to your nearest supermarket and pick up a box of classic Klein’s Éclairs today to transport yourself back to the classic yumminess that you know and love.
The choice is clear: Éclair!