Brand Freeze

Meet our frozen family


The original family brand began with a
mission: to bring cholov yisroel ice cream to
Kosher consumers. Three generation and
millions of happy licks later, we’re still treating
hearts, hands and homes to frosty treats,
served to our signature standards.

Soft Serve On The Go

A revolutionary product taking the nation by
storm. Pre-swirled, sprinkled, and syrup-
topped cups of soft serve ice cream, available
in supermarkets and convenience stores

K Select

A premium line of dairy ice cream in pints and
bars, for the most discerning of customers.


A high-quality line of frozen foods that
includes fruits chunks, veggies, cookie doughs
and bite-sized blintzes.


Mom and Dad’s helping hand, Chevra is Klein’s
line of frozen pizzas parents can pull from the
freezer and pop in the oven for crispy, cheesy
slices on demand.


Offering top-quality, insect-free frozen fruits
and vegetables, K’Halacha products are
perfect for smoothies, dessert toppings, or in
your favorite recipe.

Hoo Lachmu

A line of Gluten Free, Kosher for Passover
flatbreads. These flatbreads are great for
sandwiches, pizza, french toast and more –
Pesach and all year round!