Huge News in the World of Kosher Ice Cream

Klein’s is at it again!
Yes, the folks at Klein’s Kosher Ice Cream who’ve been innovating and revolutionizing the Kosher industry for well over 60 years – are still at and show no signs of slowing down!
Everyone loves ice cream, and – thanks to Klein’s – Kosher consumers everywhere enjoy all sorts of yummy frozen treats around the year. The best flavors, the best varieties and the best tastes are what Klein’s has been known for many decades.
Not only did Klein’s introduce Kosher ice cream to American Jewry, Klein’s also has the distinction as the first to bring non-dairy, parve ice cream to fleishig meals everywhere. Be it a Shabbos or Yom Tov meal, or a special milestone event, the ability to top the fleishig meal with a delicious parve ice cream has totally transformed the Kosher world.
Not only did Klein’s invent parve ice cream, they managed to make it taste so delicious,
creamy and real that people have a hard time believing it’s actually dairy-free!
So, what’s new on the Klein’s horizon? Well, for summer 2020, Klein’s has a whole bunch of awesome things that are almost ready to be announced. Stay tuned…
Meanwhile, the ones that have been cleared for publication are two new mouth-watering parve flavors: Caramel Fudge and Cookie Dough. Yum!!!
These new flavors are sure to be instant favorites with children and adults alike, and will soon grace meals and parties everywhere, and satisfy midnight snackers across the Kosher world.
Head on over to your nearest Kosher supermarket and check out the freezer section for the new frozen Klein’s treats. Pick up at least one tub of each new flavor and add some serious deliciousness to your next summer BBQ or seudah.
Klein’s: The perfect treat, even after meat!