Welcome to Klein’s Country; Smiles and Happiness Ahead

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Route 17-2

Welcome to Klein’s Country; Smiles and Happiness Ahead!

Thousands of frum families make the annual trip to the Catskill Mountain Region for a well-deserved summer respite. Some call it “The Mountains” while others refer to it as “The Catskills” or “The Country”.  There is one name, however, that has been synonymous with this yearly pilgrimage of fun and relaxation that can agreed upon by all: “Klein’s Country”.

Yes, as long as frum families have been making the trek to this region to spend their summers, Klein’s Ice Cream has been right there alongside them, providing frozen deliciousness in all shapes and sizes, ensuring that the summer will be cool and memorable for children and adults of all ages.

As sure as that joyous ride up the Turnpike and as wide as the smiles of the camp-bound children, stands that huge billboard on Route 17, beckoning the hordes of weary city-folk and welcoming them to “Klein’s Country”. After all, nobody is more suited than Klein’s to be welcoming the masses; they have been part of “The Country” for well over half a century and been a part of summer after summer for girls and boys who are today parents and grandparents returning to the summer enclave with families of their own. From the freezer chests of canteens and ice-cream trucks in the 1950’s to the well-stocked shelves of the grocery stores and supermarkets of today, Klein’s frozen treats remain the best favorites of summertime!

In the ever changing world we live in, it’s refreshing to know that certain things will be steadfastly the same, certainRoute 17-1 traditions will withstand the tests of time and be as bright and bold as ever. “Welcome to Klein’s Country” is not just a proclamation on a billboard; it is a reality that accompanies vacationers, campers, counselors, yeshivos and bungalow colony goers of all ages, reminding them that as much as things change, the important things remain the same. The refreshing flavors of “Klein’s Country” remain the same! The exciting colors of “Klein’s Country” will be there to bring them smiles and happiness at all times. The fun varieties of “Klein’s Country” will forever be part and parcel of summer in the mountains.

So next time you drive by that inviting Route 17 billboard be proud that the place you are headed is the perfect place for you and your family to recharge your batteries in a wholesome and healthy environment. Be proud of the fact that for every occasion and at any time during your stay, you can count on “Klein’s Country” to be there with you to provide a truly yummy experience to solidify a truly exhilarating summer.

“Welcome to Klein’s Country”. Indeed.