Sugar is Out; Flavor is In.

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Klein’s Unveils The Newest Summer Sensation!

By: L. Halevi

Summer is around the corner and one of the first things that come to many people’s minds when they think summer is “Ice Cream!” It’s hard to deny oneself that yummy, frozen treat to combat the scorching sun and the parched palate! However, those who have to limit their sugar intake or watch their calories, were left not being able to fully enjoy their summer treats.

Not anymore. With Klein’s you can now “sugarfreeyourself”.

Klein’s Kosher ice cream, the first family of kosher ice cream, was keenly aware of this dilemma and decided that it had a duty to develop a sugar-free variety of ice cream that wouldn’t sacrifice on taste, as many sugar-free products do, and thus bring the enjoyments of summer to everyone.

Enter renowned Klein’s Ice Cream Scientist, John LeSauvage.

John has been developing ice cream products for over four decades and is known for his meticulousness and integrity. No product receives his stamp of approval – and the coveted “Klein’s Ice cream” name on it – unless it meets his uncompromising, rigorous standards of being 100% delicious and containing inside exactly what the label proclaims on the outside.

The Klein Family approached John with a serious challenge: “How do we put our name on a sugar free ice cream that is up to our standards of taste and quality?”

“I thought about this for a long time” says John, “and created a puzzle that might provide the solution. My thought process went something like this: There are many things in our everyday lives that do not require sugar, such as air and water. Ice cream, though not as vital as the aforementioned elements, definitely ranks high up there among the joys of life that people would really not want to live without.”

John continued, “There are many people who forgo on sugar from their diets, whether by choice or due to serious health concerns, should these people be left out of the summer fun or should they too be invited in to the yummy, creamy world of Klein’s ice cream?”

John decided that it was simply unfair to deprive so many people of their favorite fare and undertook the task of developing an ice cream, sans sugar, which would have the same taste, texture and satisfaction of ice cream. John and the Klein’s team got to work and indeed developed what is nothing short of a miraculous product, a truly sugar-free, truly delicious exclusive line of ice cream that is wholly acceptable for those who choose to limit their consumption of sugar.

The new Sugar-free line includes dairy and parve varieties, both which are filled with the smooth, creamy goodness that have become synonymous with the Klein’s name. The products can be found in the freezer section of fine Jewish retailers across the United States, just in  time for the hot and humid days of summer ahead.

Upon learning of this breakthrough product line, Renowned Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Tanya Rosen, MS, CAI, CPT, had this to say: “I was truly delighted to learn of a brand new line of Kosher ice cream, developed by the innovative folks at Klein’s kosher ice cream, which is truly, 100% sugar free and laden with much fewer calories than the regular ice cream varieties, all without sacrificing on taste. I don’t know how they did it, but this product is a perfect alternative for those watching their sugar consumption to not forgo the frozen summer treat.”

Indeed, high accolades from prominent scientists and nutritionist are a nice, but one taste of the new sugar-free ice cream will be enough of an endorsement in its own right to get you running back to the supermarket to stock your freezer for a healthy summer.

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