Sour Is the New Sweet Klein’s Does It Again

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Sour Is the New Sweet Kleins Does It Again

When you think of summer, you think of ice cream; when you think of ice cream you think of Kleins. This has been the case for over six decades, and it is almost taken for granted fact that when a good kosher frozen treat is in order, Kleins is there to fill the need!

What you may not think of when you think of ice cream, though, is something sour. Sour? No way! Ice cream and ices are sweet! Right? Not necessarily!

Kleins kosher ice cream is recognized for their innovativeness, as the ice cream machine keeps churning out new twists, new flavors, new textures, year after year. Children and adults alike look forward to each new ice cream season with anticipation, waiting to see what Kleins will unveil to once again revolutionize the kosher ice cream  industry that they pioneered six decades ago.

Well, as the sweet geniuses at Kleins sat around the innovation table to discuss the next big thing, it was not sweetness that ruled; rather it was sour flavor that triumphed. More accurately: Sour apple flavor.

Yup, Kleins brand new sour apple frozen pops are like nothing you have ever tasted before. They are bursting with intense flavor, dripping with passionate tanginess, and filled with yummy satisfaction. These pops arepowerful. These pops will astonish your taste buds. These pops redefine frozen treat.

As with all Kleins products, when they do it, they do it right! You can be assured that the people, who bring you genuine kosher sweetness, have done a sweetjob of incorporating their signature quality in the sour department as well.

Take a trip to your local grocery or supermarket and  head right on over to the freezer department and load up your cart with mounds of sweet treats from Kleins, andtop it off with a burst of sour, to ensure a truly sweet (and sour) summer in Kleins country and beyond!

For summer 2015, Sour is the new sweet. After all, with Kleins you should always expect the unexpected