Six New Sweet Flavors Burst into Klein’s Country

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Just when you thought Klein’s Country was settling into the Summer 2014 routine, along comes some yummy revelations that are anything but routine!

A brand new burst of flavor and fun is about to explode all across Klein’s Country and this eruption of fun is going to stack up nicely and sweetly and have children and adults of all ages jumping for joy.

The Klein’s ice cream people have outdone themselves once again (not that it really surprises anyone anymore when they outdo themselves, as they have consistently been doing so for over half a century) and produced the most refreshingly amazing line of six brand new flavors of sorbet to enhance your Shabbos table (or Sunday BBQ, or Monday dinner, or Tuesday dessert, or Wednesday brunch, or Thursday midnight snack, or Friday snack time, or any other time you can think of)

This enchanted line of yummy sorbet is like nothing you have ever experienced before. With flavors like Magical Mango, Luscious Lemon, Strawberry Goodness, Rich Raspberry, Chocolate Charm and Perfect Passion Fruit, you just know your palate is in for some wholesome fun perfect for summertime, or anytime!

Will you pick one flavor or will you mix them all together? Will you serve a scoop or two on its own or as part of a more lavish dessert ensemble? Will you enjoy alone on a quiet summer afternoon or will you invite a friend over to schmooze and laugh along with you? There are so many ways, so many possibilities, so many reasons to enjoy the world’s greatest tasting sMango-Weborbet!

The new sorbet line is tChocolate-Webotally authentic, totally parve and totally economical, which is why it is sure to become an instant favorite at Shabbos and Yom Tov tables across Klein’s Country and in cities across the United States.

Look out for it in your grocer’s freezer, in your camp’s canteen and everywhere else fine frozen kosher fare is sold.