Riding on our 60th anniversary with Zeidy’s truck

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Zeidy's Truck

Way back in the 1950s, there was no such thing as Kosher ice cream. Mr. Ephraim Klein, a”h, answered that call to give Kosher consumers the savory experience of real Kosher ice cream – hence the company name “Klein’s Kosher Ice Cream”.

Mr. Klein, a hard-working Holocaust survivor who immigrated to the United States, started Klein’s Ice Cream from scratch. He didn’t think of it as a company back then; it was one man, with a truck, selling his delicious recipe so that Kosher consumers could enjoy real Cholov Yisroel Ice Cream.

Of course, the Klein’s name and the Klein’s brand is now synonymous with Kosher ice cream across the country and the world. Yet, it was six decades of hard work, integrity, perseverance and siyata d’shmaya that has transformed the man with the truck into the industry leader, the most innovative ice cream company in the Kosher world – Klein’s Ice Cream as we know it today.

That first truck was the subject of many tales, a piece of the Klein’s tradition, and indeed a piece of modern Jewish American history. Grandparents would reminisce about the truck to their grandchildren with nostalgia, and the mere mention of it would bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

In honor of their 60th Anniversary, the Kleins wanted to celebrate it with something momentous and original. They immediately thought of their old ice cream truck, a piece of history alive only in our imaginations but not physically preserved for posterity. They sought to find that which embodied the brand, the ice cream, and the innovations that have since endured.

And find it they did. With great effort, Klein’s located the truck in some remote corner of Michigan. It had the markings of the 1950s era. Indeed, after much research and authentication, it has been declared to be the “real thing”!

This family heirloom, this precious piece of Jewish history has been rediscovered. Six decades have passed yet the entire Klein’s ice cream family was once again transported to their origins, to the landscape of 1955 where Kosher ice cream was but a distant dream. They purchased the truck in celebration of the company’s 60th Anniversary, as an everlasting memory to their Zeidy, and founder, who unknowingly solidified his place in the Jewish world all those years ago, from the back of a single truck.

“We are very happy that we were able to get the truck” says Ari Klein, grandson of the founder and the company’s Research and Product Developer. “For us it symbolizes continuing our grandfather’s traditions, visions and values, which remain as true today as they were back then.”

Indeed, Klein’sddice creamdremains thedundisputeddleaderdof the best in the industry. The truck is still alive. The vision is still alive. The next six decades shine brightly ahead.

Look out for this authentic truck now on display in Klein’s Ice Cream House at their Boro Park location. It will also be taken to other locations on special occa- sions.