Reshaping Summer Fun… Again!

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Klein’s Ice Cream Is Reshaping Summer Fun… Again!

The Klein’s Ice Cream people don’t cease to amaze! They are constantly upgrading and re-defining the fun shapes, vibrant colors and yummy tastes of summer fun!

The latest offering from Klein’s is not only fun and delicious; it’s also healthier than ever! The new frozen treats, “Zoooom!”, is the latest member to join the Klein’s country family of natural ices, which is made up of the popular Shuffle, Twinny Pops, Mini Rocket and Mini Hulala. Zoooom! contains 100% natural ingredients, contains no artificial coloring or flavoring and is made using beet sugar instead of cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup. These treats are sure to please even the most discerning palates of children and adults everywhere. And to add an even greater dose of fun, every box of “Zoooom!” pops is filled with a variety of colors and shapes, so no matter which one you get, the fun will never cease!

As the summer progresses, Klein’s – the undisputed king of kosher ice cream- continues to roll out product after product, a testament to their unyielding commitment to the kosher consumers they service. In keeping with Klein’s tradition of keeping the fun in the country for every kosher consumer, this latest product which is currently being rolled out, offers a healthier alternativLogo+Natural-Icese for individuals who refrain from consuming items with high fructose ingredients or products containing artificial coloring and flavoring.

The best part, of course, is that the yumminess has not been compromised in the least and the healthy dose of fun will be felt from the very first taste. The only regret may be when the treat is finished; but not to worry, the “Zoooom!” box comes filled with 15 sticks of yummy ices in every box, so as soon as you finish one you can go ahead and treat yourself to another one, and still have plenty more for the rest of the family!

From Klein’s family to yours, the fun never ends! Go “Zoooom” to your nearest kosher retailer and pick up a box or two of each variety of Klein’s ices, and ensure that your freezer remains fully stocked for the hot summer months ahead.