More Sour Power with an Added Swirl

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Sour Swirl

More Sour Power with an Added Swirl

Everyone loves cherry! Everyone loves green apple! Everyone loves sour flavor! Fuse them together, and voila, you got a magical mixture! What is it about sour flavor that is so deliciously sweet?

That may be one of life’s imponderables, but Klein’s Sour Swirl Italian Ices are further proof of the intense, flavorful sweetness of sour! Kids everywhere just clamor for a taste of Klein’s Sour Swirls – Sour Cherry and Apple Flavor, and Klein’s is glad to oblige with a boosted production of these savory treats.

So, what is the secret to the yumminess of these Sour Swirls? The intense flavor of sour cherry is accompanied and perfected by a perfect dash of sour apple that works wonders to satisfy the taste buds with a perfect blend of sweet and sour.

The deliciously-satisfying Sour Swirls, similar to their newly-launched sister product, Sour Apple Pops, are the talk of the town and the flavors of 2015! The power of sour is on full display, thanks to Klein’s scientists’ knowing how to fuse the sourness and the sweetness in a way that is simply unparalleled.

One lick and you will be hooked! The only problem you may have is deciding which super-charged sour flavor to try first, the Sour Apple Pops or the Sour-Apple Cherry Swirls!    Pick up a few boxes and bring them home for your kids – and for the other kids on the block as well. Watch them squeal in glee with the new sour offerings.

Summer 2015 is just getting started, but have no fear. The good folks at Klein’s have been hard at work all winter to ensure that the entire summer ahead  will be filled with sweetness – and sweet sourness – for you, your kids, the neighborhood kids… and everyone else who appreciates the power of sour!

Go ahead and choose between the pop and the swirl cup. You won’t be disappointed!