Klein’s Reinvents Milky Pleasures

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Klein’s Reinvents Milky Pleasures

Klein’s Kosher Ice Cream’s innovative team of scientists and developers has deservedly earned a reputation among kosher consumers everywhere as being on the cutting edge of fabulous frozen flavors. Klein’s is constantly churning out new products, new flavors, new tastes, new fun, and ice cream lovers everywhere just can’t get enough! As fast as the Klein’s team releases new products, the demand for more and more never wanes. Luckily, Klein’s can keep up with the times and never disappoints us.

Klein’s is so adept at creating new products that they have even figured out a way to take an existing favorite and take it to the next level. Yes, Klein’s has done it again. Their Milky Pleasures have been the classic, elegant dessert that has been satisfying kosher consumers for many years. Now they have been totally revamped and reinvented with a fun crunchy coating.

The all new Milky Pleasures are as sweet and milky as they always were, with premium vanilla coated in chocolate, and new crunch built-in to add a whole new dimension of yumminess and fun. These savory treats offer substantive sweetness that satisfies the most discriminating of palates.

The all new crunchy Milky Pleasures can be served as an elegant dessert to top off a festive occasion, or as a festive occasion in their own right, any time, day or night. In fact, they are even available in parve Minis. Milky Pleasures are truly an occasion unto themselves!

Whether you’re in the mood for a dose of elegant enjoyment or a portion of straight-up sweet fun, Klein’s is right there to answer your call. To Klein’s, ice cream is not simply a business, it’s a calling, and they rise to the occasion time and time again, no matter the occasion.

So head on over to the nearest kosher supermarket or grocery and pick up a box or two (or three or four…!) of Milky Pleasures, as well as a bunch of other Klein’s favorites. After all, there’s a long summer ahead, and ice cream season has barely begun – except that it never really ends!