Klein’s Innovative Ice Cream Team Reinvents the Cone – Again!

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Everyone loves ice cream, especially when it’s in crunchy, scrumptious, dripping-with-goodness, fun Klein’s cone. There is just something cool and soothing about unwrapping a Klei
n’s cone filed with yumminess; it transports you to a happy place, filled with joyful memories and positive thoughts.

Over half a century ago, Klein’s introduced their first ice cream cone; it was a simple crispy cone filled with delicious vanilla ice cream. In the 1980’s they reinvented their cones, it was something revolutionary, seemingly ordinary, yet extraordinarily crafted with a unique blend of chocolate, nutty perfection, known as nutty cones.

The innovative team of Klein’s scientists are constantly at work, decade after decade, improving flavors and textures as well as inventing new ones to appeal to the palates of all people at all times. After all, the very reason Klein’s ice cream has earned a reputatioVanilla and Chocolate Conen as being the absolute best in kosher ice cream, is their never-ending pursuit of perfection and their total dedication to the kosher consumers’ needs and wants.

The latest ice-cream cone line produced – or shall we say, reinvented- by Klein’s is available in a deliciously formulated Cooki
es ‘n Cream dairy cone and a totally awesome Vanilla/Chocolate parve cone. Moreover, the cones are now nut-free so they can be enjoyed by children (and adults) who are unable to enjoy Klein’s nutty varieties.

No matter if you just finished a hearty summer BBQ, if it’s time for a midnight snack or any other time, early or late, there is always a perfect Klein’s ice cream cone waiting to brighten your day the way only Klein’s ice cream can.

As always, if you want the best, you want Klein’s. Find it in the freezer section of your local kosher supermarket or grocery today!