Klein’s Goes Healthier!

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Klein’s Ice Cream has been the forerunner in bringing new, high quality, chalav Yisrael and pareve ice cream and ices products to the frum community for over six decades. Their dedication to bringing kosher consumers the best ice cream products available in the general market has made them world-famous. Using only the purest ingredients, Klein’s has proven that kosher ice cream is not a compromise.
Now, Klein’s has taken this commitment to a whole new level with the introduction of an entire line of additive-free pareve ices. Taking some of their best-selling summer favorites and adding some new ones, Klein’s is pleased to offer the all new, 100% natural Shuffle, Twinny Pops, Mini Rocket, and Mini Hulala ices, all featuring Klein’s trademark outstanding flavor, with no high-fructose corn sweeteners or artificial coloring.

Choosing to feed your family natural foods is one of the best ways to ensure they eat healthy all summer long. Studies have shown that people who avoid artificial coloring and flavors in their food are among those who have a smaller risk of potentially harmful health problems. Choosing all-natural, healthy foods can help you cut down on calories and avoid a variety of chronic health conditions – not to mention cavities!

High fructose corn syrup is used as a sweetener in almost all sodas, candies, and processed foods. What may seem like small amounts of artificial flavoring and sweeteners can quickly add up to an unhealthy diet and ultimately lead to such medical diagnoses as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more. It’s not always easy to avoid unhealthy foods, especially during the hot summer months, but choosing to give your family naturally flavored frozen treats just got easier with Klein’s new product line.

Now when you hear that age-old question, “Can I have one more, please?” you can happily respond with a resounding “yes,” knowing you are providing your children with a healthy, all-natural snack.

All flavors are available at your local grocery store and Klein’s ice cream stores. Stay tuned, because Klein’s is always working on new and innovative products for the frum community.