Klein’s Country Now Tropical Fruity!

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The more things change, the more they stay the same! Achieving the delicate balance of constantly being innovative and on the cutting-edge, yet still upholding the integrity of being classical is no simple feat. Indeed, the geniuses at Klein’s Kosher ice cream company have mastered this balance and turned it into an art form and the company principle which has served its consumers well for nearly six decades.

Kosher consumers in Klein’s Country and across the United States have come to expect new, exciting Klein’s products in the freezer section of their local retailers, and are known to anticipate the release of each new item. What is perhaps more surprising is the excitement still generated by Klein’s products that have been around for decades. It is indeed amazing how many customers continue to seek their ice cream and ices by name and don’t simply settle for just any lesser quality products. “If it’s not Klein’s, it simply won’t do”, a mother was recently overheard telling her daughter, as she sent her to the store to make a purchase.

One of the most classic products that has satisfied consumers- young and old- for many decades is the Klein’s Fruit Bar. This frozen stick of deliciousness is crafted with 100% fruit and is available in six tropical flavors, Cherry, Lime, Orange, Pineapple, Red Ruby and Strawberry. These Fruit Bars have satisfied palates, young and old, and been a trademark of summer for generations.

As times progress and the many mom-and-pop groceries are giving way to larger supermarkets and mega-stores, Klein’s has responded to the call and began producing their yummy Fruit Bars in convenient 4-packs, which include a Lime, Orange, Pineapple and Strawberry bar in every box. The new packages are available in the freezer sections of fine retailers everywhere, right near the many other delectable Klein’s products that continue to be synonymous with summer, generation after generation.

The Fruit Bars are perfect as a quick refreshing snack for the kids, for mothers, as a quiet, well-deserved refuge from the hubbub, for the fathers, as an energizing pick-me-up on the long drive up to the country, or as an elegant dessert to be served to guests on a hot Shabbos afternoon.

No matter which flavor you choose, or how many convenient 4 packs you purchase, Klein’s Fruit Bars are so fruity good ,it’s like they grow right on a fruit tree!