The Colorful Story of Klein’s Country Comes to Life!

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The Colorful Story of Klein’s Country Comes to Life!

For close to sixty years, Klein’s Kosher Ice Cream has been a part of your summer fun!  No matter the time or occasion, it’s always the right time for a cold, yummy Klein’s treat.

Klein’s extensive line of products – from the classics that have been part of the country experience for decades, to the newest additions which are freshly occupying freezer shelves everywhere – have been part and parcel of a kosher summer for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, “It’s just not country without Klein’s” is more than just a slogan, it’s an undeniably delicious fact.

From way back in the 1960’s when many of today’s Zaidys and Bubbys were themselves young  kids looking forward to a summer filled with fun and relaxation, Klein’s was right there with them to ensure that the fun times would indeed be yummy and memorable!

Thousands of families who made the trip, year after year, decade after decade, to recharge their batteries in various camps, bungalow colonies or other country destinations, all relied on Klein’s to complete their country experience. To put it simply: The “country” and “Klein’s” are one and the same! One without the other would simply be unimaginable!

 Klein’s continues to be committed to the needs of kosher summertime consumers and is constantly working to improve and expand the selection and varieties to ensure that every single kid (and kid at heart) maximizes their summer fun with the perfect colors, flavors and textures!Inside

To that end, Klein’s has just released a fun and exciting coloring/activity book for children to highlight the
history, the flavors and the fun that Klein’s represents throughout the summer -and year-round- fo
r kosher consumers everywhere! Even those who don’t go to the country can pick up a Klein’s frozen treat and the country will come to them!

Pick up a copy of the fun, new coloring/activity book and find something fun to do, no matter your age. Even adults will find the fun in it by reminiscing about their Klein’s Country childhood! Be sure to look for the exciting contests in the book as well. Submit your ideas on how Klein’s should commemorate their fast approaching 60th birthday and other fun contests and you may win fabulous prizes.

Look out for a FREE copy of  the book:

Boro Park, Williamsburg & Flatbush: at your local Klein’s Ice Cream House location

Monsey: Motis Supermarket 19 Main Street

Lakewood: Yismach Yisroel Ice Cream Store 150 East 7th St.

Five Towns: Sunflower Five Towns 357 Central Avenue

Or you can download a PDF and print it it HERE.