“Klein’s Sharing + Winning” Giveaway

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Share Your Sweet Thoughts; Win Sweet Rewards



Everyone loves Klein’s ice cream, that’s not a question! The question is how do you enjoy it? Just plain out of the tub with a spoon? In a cone drizzled with chocolate syrup and sprinkles? As part of a fancy Shabbos dessert? As the base of a yummy milkshake?


The creative possibilities are endless!


Klein’s knows that Ba’alabustes across the country rely on Klein’s deliciousness to be the main ingredient in mouthwatering desserts and treats. Klein’s knows that those compliments from the guests are as sweet as the ice cream itself!  Klein’s wants you to not only get compliments, but also the possibility to turn your experience with a Klein’s product into your ticket to a spectacular giveaway, a trip to Eretz Yisroel or 40 other great prizes.IMG_8090


All you have to do is take a few moments and jot down your thoughts about any particular recipe you enjoyed (If you liked more than one recipe, by all means send us your feedback for each one!). As long as one of the ingredients is a Klein’s product, it qualifies! There is no need for it to be an elaborate dish, as long as it contains Klein’s award-winning products it qualifies to earn you prizes. Share it by mailing it to Klein’s Sharing + Winning Giveaway at 3614 15th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11218, or email to recipe@koshericecream.com, or on the web at www.koshericecream.com/recipecontest


The recipe does not need to be your own invention; if you got it from your grandmother, a friend or saw it in the food section of your favorite magazine (or on one of Klein’s brand new, innovative recipe card that is located in the freezer section of fine Jewish retailers near you), if you made it and had a good experience with it, share it with Klein’s and have a chance to win. As an added bonus if you have your own special recipe and you send it to us, it may even make it to the pages of www.KosherIceCream.com/Recipes, a yummy website filled with creative, delicious and fun ice cream ideas to add cheer to anyone’s day.


Klein’s is known for producing the finest products that turn any occasion into a memorable one. One of the ways that Klein’s stays on top of their game – and continues satisfying Jewish palates everywhere – is by listening to consumers. Klein’s never-ending quest for sweet perfection is built on consumer satisfaction. So, no matter which flavor is your favorite and no matter how you choose to delight your guests – or yourself- with Klein’s products, we want to know how you best enjoy preparing, serving and enjoying your Klein’s.


Eat. Share. Win. Sweet!