And The Winner Is…!

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And The Winner Is…!
As a way to kick off the 60th Anniversary Celebration, Klein’s asked kosher consumers everywhere to submit their favorite recipes using Klein’s frozen treats. The large volume of entries that came pouring into Klein’s office – from simple recipes to elaborate creations, old classic favorites to innovative new ideas – simply dazzled and razzled the folks at Klein’s. “It was simply a response beyond anything we ever could have imagined” said one of the Klein’s employees, “but we went through each and every entry and we had a lot of fun in the process.”
A large crowd of curious onlookers participated in the drawing, which was recently held at Klein’s Ice Cream House’s Boro Park location, with the participation of Klein’s president, Reb Doniel Klein. He was tasked with the honor of choosing the grand winning entry. The crowd was excitedly gathered round as he closed his eyes, placed his hand in the large bin of entries and selected….
…Rochel Taub of Brooklyn as the grand winner of a trip to Eretz Yisroel! Wow! Sweet!
The crowd went wild and erupted in loud cheering. The other members of the First Family of Kosher Ice Cream –  Pinchas, Ari, Avigdor and David Klein – who were also in attendance, picked an additional 40 entries: 20 winners who received $50 gift cards to Klein’s Ice cream house and an additional 20 winners who will receive Klein’s recipe books. It was such a fun and exciting feeling to be part of this historic contest; even those who didn’t win any prizes felt like winners for being a part of it. Of course, everyone was treated to yummy Klein’s ice cream for their participation.
When one of the kids in the audience asked Ari about future Klein’s contests, he smiled and said to stay tuned. So if you didn’t win this time, there’s always another chance. In Ari’s words, “with Klein’s, you’re always a winner”.
Klein’s consumers really love their ice cream. As one contest participant exclaimed, “I’d rather win free ice cream than the trip to Israel, as it’s a better vacation for me!” Yes, scrumptious, mouthwatering Klein’s ice cream is indeed a welcome respite from the daily rigors of life, and a welcome “vacation” for kids, and adults, everywhere who need a break for “me time”!
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For over six decades, Klein’s Country has been the most sought after destination for summer vacations, as well for year-round breathers. Klein’s always knew this, but it’s extremely thrilling to hear this sentiment expressed by consumers over and over in kosher communities everywhere.
 The sheer volume of contest entries – literally in the thousands – truly highlights the wonderful relationship between Klein’s and kosher consumers the world over. The creativity displayed by so many of the entries and  the excitement that  was  plainly dripping off each recipe that was shared with Klein’s, gives  the company an impetus to continue sharing with the community for another six decades (at least!).
Klein’s…truly the ice cream of winners!

To view the drawing CLICK HERE 

Grand Prize – Trip to Israel: Rochel Taub


$50 Gift Certificate at Ice Cream House: (20 winners)

1. Nechy Enden   2. L Grunfeld   3. Y Seebag    4. Nechama    5. Faigy Klein

6. Deutsch     7. Feigy Schischa    8. G. Weiss   9. Chana Gold   10. Malky Oster

11. Perel Basler    12. Mrs. Breuer    13. MEL Rosenblum    14. Devoiry Gruber   15. Mann

16. Miri    17. Hayalefko    18. Miriam Dweck    19. Family Noskow    20. Goldie Einhorn


Designer Recipe Book: (20 winners)

1. Blimy Grosz      2. Family Greenberg      3. Sarah Adjmi      4. Chaya Grosinger      5. Chaya Rechy Unger

6. Rivka Rosenblum     7. Farber     8. Malka Goldshor        9. Freida Fishman       10. Family Eigner

11. Rosenfeld       12. Family Kohn (Yides)    13. N. Gluck     14. Shlomy Trieger    15. Malky Jacobowitz

16. Family Salczer    17. Elky Enden    18. Family Schwartz    19. C Wasserman        20. Family Sternhell