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Kleins, The Ice Cream people since 1955. We offer a variety of kosher Dairy and NonDairy frozen ice cream and desserts. We feature a full line of kosher for passover novelties and special surprises!

From the First Family of Kosher Ice Cream come our charming ICE CREAM HOUSE shops that welcome you to every imaginable ice cream creation. For decades, Klein's customers have been demanding a showroom where all items are displayed and available for purchase directly from the company. In the summer of 2006 their demands have been materialized with the grand opening of our Ice Cream House shops to the delight of crowds of excited clients cheering our grand celebrations. Step into one of our shops and be captivated by the selection of soft ice cream, non diary or dairy, fat free, sugar free with an impressive array of customized toppings. Our heavenly razzles, fruit and milk shakes keep our customers returning for more. Choose from a variety of tens of flavors for your ice cream cone, and let the taste linger on. Kleins is famous for its Vegan approved ice creams that are ideal for our lactose intolerant consumers.
Boro Park



The Ice Cream House shops boast a phenomenal line of specialty frozen desserts ranging from custom ordered ice cream cakes and most unique line of ice cream miniatures. Our in house decorators hand design each item, and the attractive packaging makes our desserts a perfect gift for any host. Caterers impress their most discriminating customers with our miniatures that have beauty and taste going hand in hand. The Ice Cream House welcomes you home. Indeed a house where and ice cream always awaits you.

For more information visit www.THEICECREAMHOUSE.com


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