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Kleins, The Ice Cream people since 1955. We offer a variety of kosher Dairy and NonDairy frozen ice cream and desserts. We feature a full line of kosher for passover novelties and special surprises!

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BS - Baked Snowballs, Beyond fun, these meringue topped ice cream treats are pure magic - they stay frozen even while baking in a hot oven.<BR><BR>Ingredients:<BR>12 vanilla or chocolate wafer cookies or six 1/2 inch thick slices of your favorite cake<BR>6 scoops of your favorite ice cream<BR>3 egg whites at room temperature<BR>1/4 tsp cream of tartar<BR>1/4 cup sugar<BR>1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract<BR>chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and maraschino cherries<BR><BR>Yields: 6 servings

Baked Snowballs
Dairy Fat-Free No Sugar Added Lowfat
Non-Dairy Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Vegan Approved

CCD - Hot `N` Cold Chocolate Chip Delight, By: L.G. Fischer NY<BR><BR>Ingredients: <BR>2 sticks margarine<BR>2 eggs<BR>3/4 cup brown sugar<BR>3/4 cup sugar<BR>1 TBS vanilla sugar<BR>2 TBS water<BR>2 1/4 cup flour<BR>1 tsp baking powder<BR>4 oz chocolate chips<BR><BR>Yields approx 30 cookies

Hot `N` Cold Chocolate Chip Delight

DD - Ducky Desserts, Make a splash on a rainy day by scooping up a flock of these ice cream ducklings. They`re delicious, fun to make and take no time at all.<BR><BR>Ingredients:<BR>Ice cream, flavor of your choice<BR>Chocolate chips or raisins<BR>Orange jellybean flattened<BR>Fruit leather or dried apricots

Ducky Desserts

GPR - Graham Pie Recipe, You can make this pie using dairy or non dairy ice cream. Use your creativity, combine flavors you love to give you the very best!<BR><BR>Ingredients:<BR>2 graham pie crust<BR>56 oz.  KLEIN`S ice cream<BR>dark chocolate<BR>whipped cream<BR><BR>Yields: 1 pie serves approximately 8

Graham Pie Recipe

ICC - Ice Cream Clown, A perfect clown to enhance your Purim Seudah! <BR><BR>Ingredients:<BR>Klein`s 56 oz. ice cream - your favorite flavor!<BR>Klein`s exclusive pointy sugar cones (can be purchased at the Ice Cream House)<BR>Candies, sprinkles, chocolate chips...

Ice Cream Clown
Dairy Fat-Free No Sugar Added Lowfat
Non-Dairy Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Vegan Approved

VCS - Hot `N` Cold Vanilla Chocolate Swoosh, Ingredients:<BR>1 package chocolate pudding<BR>56 oz. Klein`s vanilla ice cream<BR><BR>Yields: Approx 5 servings

Hot `N` Cold Vanilla Chocolate Swoosh

Showing Items: 1 - 6 (Total 6)

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