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Kleins, The Ice Cream people since 1955. We offer a variety of kosher Dairy and NonDairy frozen ice cream and desserts. We feature a full line of kosher for passover novelties and special surprises!

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Non Dairy Strawberry Royal - 1 Gallon

Ingredients: water, sugar, corn sweetener, vegetalbe fat, strawberry puree, fudge sauce (corn syrup, cocoa, modified food starch, corn starch, guar gum, salt, calcium carrageenan, potassium sorbate), maltodextrin, stabilizer (cellulose get and gum, soy protein, mono-diglycerides, diptassium phosphate, salt, arificial flavor.

Non Dairy Strawberry Royal - 1 Gallon

Chocolate fudge and strawberry go hand in hand in this original parve dessert. For a twist of Strawberry dessert try Strawberry Royale and watch your guests stare in suprised delight!

  • UPC # 0-91404-02160-9
  • Unit Size: 1 Gallon
  • Units per case: 1

  • ITEM NUMBER: 61663

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