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Reshaping Summer Fun… Again!


Klein’s Ice Cream Is Reshaping Summer Fun… Again! The Klein’s Ice Cream people don’t cease to amaze! They are constantly upgrading and re-defining the fun shapes, vibrant colors and yummy tastes of summer fun! The latest offering from Klein’s is not only fun and delicious; it’s also healthier than ever! The new frozen treats, “Zoooom!”,…

Klein’s Innovative Ice Cream Team Reinvents the Cone – Again!


Everyone loves ice cream, especially when it’s in crunchy, scrumptious, dripping-with-goodness, fun Klein’s cone. There is just something cool and soothing about unwrapping a Klei n’s cone filed with yumminess; it transports you to a happy place, filled with joyful memories and positive thoughts. Over half a century ago, Klein’s introduced their first ice cream…